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 What am I doing wrong?

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PostSubject: What am I doing wrong?   April 2nd 2010, 10:37

My dps just won't go up, nomatter how I change my spec or gear... I use the rotation all the sites suggest... I'm just stuck.
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Angel of Death
Angel of Death

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PostSubject: Re: What am I doing wrong?   April 2nd 2010, 11:57

what rotation u use exactly as differnt sites may say different things.

further more ur gear and spec seem fine.

but i did notice ur hit rathign is very high over hit cap by 4-5% this is a waste.
and due to this possibly ur crit is low so u could drop it by 150 to get more crit
for example drop the pyrit infuser for the mirror thingy u could can get from the old herism badges it gives like 2% crit
this should give u a dps boost

other then that are u waiting like a 0.5-1 second between ES when L&L procs ?

else it over writhes the old es and u dont get the last proc so missing 4-6k dmg

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What am I doing wrong?
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